Sat Kriya

All Live Classes on hold during Irish lockdown

Tuesdays ONLINE - Tuesday Thrive Class 10.00 - 11.00am
Wednesdays ONLINE Wake-up Wednesday Class 7.30 - 8am
Wednesdays Portmarnock Leisure Centre (PSLC) Studio 2. 4 week term starting 9th - 30th September 10 - 11am
Thursdays River Holistic Raheny. 8 week term starting 10th Sep to 29th Oct 10.15 - 11.15am

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Spaces for in person classes are limited inline with Covid Restrictions so please book in advance.

Drop in Rates:
- €17 drop in for in person class
-€10 for 1 hour online
- €6 for 30 min online class

Term Rates Available too!

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My Kundalini Yoga Journey ...

I've been practising yoga for almost 20 years however it was about 8 years ago that I was first introduced to Kundalini yoga from a friend who bought me the Maya Finnes DVD for my birthday. I was instantly hooked, I loved the music, the mantras, chanting, the repetitive movements and that the kriyas (set of yoga postures) could focus and balance the energy of particular chakra points in your body.

I started going to classes whenever I could and in 2016 I decided I wanted to train as a kundalini yoga teacher to learn as much as I could about this wonderful style of yoga.


To be honest I didn't really understand much about kundalini when I started the training.  All I knew was that it was very different to other styles of yoga and that I felt absolutely great after it.

The training is centered around you gaining knowledge through the experience of kundalini yoga.  The experience is too hard to explain with words but all I can say is that it was the most transformative year.  It opened me up in so many ways, brought so much awareness and healing.   The amazing thing is that all the change happens so subtly that you don't even realise until your life starts flowing.  What I now know is that having a daily kundalini practice is part & parcel of who I am now.


The kriyas (set of yoga postures) and meditations are designed to stimulate the energy (chakra), glandular and nervous systems. It is known as the yoga of awareness as it helps to connect you with who you are at soul level.  What is amazing about kundalini yoga is that through the kriyas and meditations energy at the base of your spine is pulled all the way up through your crown creating flow & balance in your energy centers.  In the process any mental blocks, emotions, stress and tension are released from your body bringing you into alignment.  When you are in alignment you can start to hear and trust your own inner wisdom to start following the whispers of your soul.

Every kundalini yoga class is so unique and different. It will work on each aspect of your being, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. If you are looking for change and an experience kundalini yoga is for you and I would love to see you at my next class.