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All Irish Retreats on Hold until 2021 - watch this space

5 Night Portugal Retreat

I'm delighted to announce that I'm collaborating with Sinead De Hora on an amazing 5-night retreat in Portugal from Tuesday 20th April to Sunday 25th April 2021. Click on link below for full details!


“Celine’s retreat was truly enjoyable.  A calm, soothing and safe environment from beginning to end.  Celine is a joy to be around”

“Minding Me Retreat has opened a lot of doors for me emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I look forward to the future of working on myself and being more self-aware”

“Amazing day at Minding Me Retreat, time well spent refocusing and regaining balance back in my life, thank you Celine”

“Moving, inspirational and a safe place to be open and honest and true to yourself.  Transformative, thanks Celine!”

“Amazing experience, my first retreat and I will definitely come again, meeting like minded people made me feel not so crazy”

“A very special day that I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone, thank you”

“Celine was so open and welcoming.  I could not recommend this retreat highly enough loved every aspect of the day”

“Very enjoyable day with great people and I left feeling energized by the yoga & relaxed by meditation & healing.  The coaching has given me so much food for thought”

“The day opened me up to new experiences, my mind and my heart opened and I found my truth coming out”

Finding kundalini yoga from Celine has been a very powerful and positive experience.  Celine opens her heart and her contagious loving energy to everyone, making her retreats and classes an everlasting not to be missed experience .


I attended a Minding Me Wellness retreat today and I loved every minute. It was brilliant. The kundalini yoga, the deep healing, the sound bath, the peace, the relaxation ... the whole beautiful energy that Celine brings to everything she does ... just amazing.  We enjoyed a delicious Vegan lunch, and the company of a very special group of ladies all day. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you, thank you, thank you 


"Celine's teaching style was excellent, very relaxed and interested in everyone with a really lovely energy"

"Creating space and peace for yourself is very difficult as a new mum and this workshop allows you to do just that"