1:1 Coaching

Coaching is a unique two-way process that empowers you as the client to find your own answers to any challenge you are facing. The type of coaching I will do is to help you connect with your soul, your authentic self so you can begin to hear the messages from your soul and start living the life you want to lead. During the sessions you can expect to uncover the thoughts that hold you back and the thoughts that serve you.  We will also look at the emotions that follow from these thought patterns.  We will look at what values you have, understanding what is really important to you, what brings you energy and how when you live your life against your values how this impacts you.   I also recommend various healing tools such as a daily meditation practice, specific yoga movements, daily affirmations, worksheets along with the areas you commit to changing during the sessions.  The most important thing with coaching is that you WANT change and that you are committed to bringing change into your life. You need to be committed to the programme and committed to doing the work, listening to the voice of your soul and not your ego takes courage and strength and daily practice. Once you start doing the work you will watch your life change in the most beautiful way opening you up to many synchronicities.

A coaching session typically takes 1 hour and the process involves at least 4 individual sessions.

If you are feeling ……...

  • Like your soul is crying
  • Lacking in self-confidence
  • Overwhelmed at home or at work
  • Find it hard to make decisions that are right for you
  • Know you have a purpose but don’t know what it is
  • Feel that there must be more to life
  • Have a dream but have no clue of how to start working towards it
  • Find it difficult to manage your thoughts and emotions
  • Unhappy in your job or in a relationship
  • Know that you are connected to something bigger but don’t know how to feel that connection

Soul coaching is such a wonderful process to help you through any of these challenges and so much more.  I will gently guide you to really understand more about who you are, so you can begin to learn how to listen to your soul's voice and get in touch with the authentic you. The process will absolutely involve YOU making changes in your life, to your thinking process, to your habits, your behaviours …. It is so important that you come into the process with the commitment to yourself to make changes.


  • €70 per session for 1 hour; or
  • €240 for 4 x 1-hour sessions. For a long-lasting change, a commitment to 4 sessions is recommended.


Tree of Life Holistic Center Malahide, Co. Dublin

1:1 Healing Session

Bio Energy is a simple non touch, non evasive therapy that taps into the body's energy system, known as the chakra system. Each chakra in your body nourishes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual element of your health. Bio Energy is based on an ancient Eastern form of healing which sees any ailments, stress and painful emotions as stuck or depleted energy. What I love about bio-energy is that it works to release these old and current hurts, trauma's or emotions that are stuck in the body. This enables the body to start to heal itself from the ailment that resides in your body. The therapy works to bring balance to each of your chakras which in turn helps you bring harmony into your life.

The therapy involves using a series of hand positions and techniques to scan the body, clearing it of any energy blockages and re-invigorating the flow of life-force energy throughout the body. During these sessions the client will either be standing or sitting down and may feel hot and cold sensations, pulling sensations, tingles through the body, deep relaxation, laughing or crying, all of these reactions are completely normal.

Bio Energy healing is very effective to improve any of the following:
Energy levels, stress, anxiety, burn out, release emotional issues, chronic conditions such as IBS, fatigue, migraine, headaches etc.

A bio energy session typically takes 1 hour including short consultation at the beginning. In order to really get your energy flowing it is recommended to do a course of weekly or daily sessions.   See below for details and prices of an individual session & a course of sessions.

Individual 60 mins €70
1 hour per week for 3 weeks and final session 1 month later 60 mins per session €240

1:1 Combined Session

In a combined session we will start with working on whatever issue is most on your mind. We often spend so much energy putting on a mask disguising our true feelings which pushes the energy down. I will gently encourage you to share your innermost thoughts so you can release it mentally using various coaching tools to help you release and help you to see it from a different perspective. This is your time to express your truth, your real feelings and emotions in such a safe & nurturing space.

We will then begin the bio energy healing where I will pick up in your energy field which area needs to be cleared and balanced. Here is where you will receive healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level as you deeply relax into the treatment.

I may also do a beautiful card reading during the session if you wish to get guidance from the universe. The reading almost always supports whatever we have already spoken about through the session and is always such amazing confirmation.

This session is a really powerful combination as it works on every aspect of your being and I will often recommend specific meditations for you to try at home to continue your healing. I will end the session either grounding your energy or raising it giving you a real bounce in your step depending on what you most need on the day.


  • €90 for 90 minutes, or
  • €320 for 4 x 90 min combined sessions 

Corporate Wellbeing Session

I also design unique workshops for organisations as part of their well-being day/team building initiatives.

Depending on your needs I can either:

- Provide a short and engaging session whereby your employees will experience some chair yoga, breathing techniques and meditations that will help to relieve any stress or tension.   They will learn new techniques that they can take away with them to incorporate into their lives.

- Facilitate 'Building Team and Individual Resilience' which is a really unique and special half or full day team building experience.  Employees will get to experience specific yoga and meditations to develop their individual resilience and bring deep relaxation.  After this we will begin a circle session discussing ways we can develop team resilience and creating a real sense of support and engagement on the team.

-Build a bespoke session incorporating yoga, meditation, coaching on a range of different topics creating something truly special and memorable for your employees.