Online Kundalini Yoga Classes - on hold till end of 2020

Tuesday Thrive Class

1 hour Online Class to Thrive
Tuesdays at 10am
4 week term from 08th Sept - 29th Sept
€10 drop in or €35 for 4 classes

Wednesday Wake Up Class

30 min Online Wake Up Class
Wednesday's at 7.30am
4 week term starting 09th Sept - 30th Sept
€6 drop in or €20 for 4 classes

Please make sure you read the terms and conditions before signing up to any online classes.  Choose which classes you wish to join, then click on pay link and make sure you register for what classes you've paid for!

What are the T&C's for these online classes?

Please click here to find out more.

Does it matter if I've never practiced kundalini yoga before?

It doesn’t matter if you have never done kundalini yoga or any form of yoga before or if you are an experienced practitioner, these classes are open for you.  The most important part is that you are able to find a quite space somewhere in your house for the class in the morning and gift yourself the experience.

What is the Wake-up Wednesday and Thursday Thrive class like?

The Wake-up Wednesday class will  be a high energy 30 minute class including a short meditation to raise your energy for the day.

The Tuesday Thrive class will be a deeper experience using a combination of a different kriya (set of movements) each week and a beautiful breath or chant meditation.  The overall theme each week will help you thrive through your week!

What type of meditations do we do in Kundalini Yoga?

In kundalini yoga we typically end the class with a breath meditation or mantra meditation, mantra and chanting are such an amazing tool to relieve any stress or tension from the body & mind.  It’s not about having a good singing voice at all, it’s about allowing the sound vibration to create healing  while you chant, so close the door in your private space & try it out, now is the time to try new things!

What platform do you use for the classes?

I will use the zoom platform for the live classes, so you just need to download zoom to your phone/laptop or ipad before the classes.  It is a better experience if you can use your laptop but any device is perfect.

I'm new to kundalini yoga, what should I expect?

If you are new to kundalini yoga, here is an article to find out some more, in a class you can expect yoga movements plus breath work, mantra, chanting, meditation & a short relaxation ....

There is a breath we do a lot called Breath of Fire, so if you haven't practiced it before, here is a short video explaining the breath so you can practice it at home.

Last but not least as I can't see you or watch you doing the poses, please make sure you mind yourself and only do what you feel your body will allow you to do. I will as always give different alternatives to postures so choose the ones that you feel is best for you.

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