Upcoming Retreats

Celine designs & collaborates on several beautiful retreats during the year.  Click links below for more information about upcoming retreats ......

5 Night Yoga & Intuitive Awakening Retreat

Collaboration with Sinead De Hora

12th-17th September 2021

Creacon Wellness, Wexford, Ireland

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Upcoming Retreats

Celine designs & collaborates on several beautiful retreats during the year. Click links below for more information about upcoming retreats ......


Gift Vouchers

If you would like to purchase a gift voucher for that someone special in your life please click on link below.




Info & Tickets


"Energy Expansion & Kundalini Yoga"

Full Price:  €60

Circle Website

"Self Love"

Full Price:  €120

Portugal Retreat 2021

"Kundalini Yoga and Intuitive Awakening"

Full Price:  €1,300

Prayer Pose

My Purpose & Passion

I truly believe that each and every one of us has a purpose if they are dedicated enough to discover what it is.  My purpose is to create space to allow people to heal and I'm so passionate about helping others when they are open and ready for change.

Using a combination of my own natural gifts along with tools and knowledge from the world of kundalini yoga, meditation practice, bio energy healing therapy, emotional intelligence coaching & resilience coaching I will gently guide and support you in releasing whatever thought patterns & emotions that no longer serve you and help you tune in to the whispers of your own soul to follow your true path.


"My sessions with Celine were invaluable. It has given me clarity and confidence to move forward in my career, without guilt and fear. I loved the combination of the bio-energy with the coaching and I would highly recommend doing both. Celine is an amazing coach, who is kind and compassionate but won't let you self yourself short, not for a second. I am not saying the journey will be easy, I definitely met some resistance, but with Celine there as my coach I was able to push through the discomfort of leaving my safety blanket and make positive changes in my life."

J Wylie

"Both these therapies work hand in hand to create a balanced mind and body. I had four combined sessions with Celine. I felt stressed and was aware I was carrying stress in my body. The coaching helped me recognise that my reaction to stress was habitual and not working in my favour. It helped me to change my mindset, leading to less stress in my life. The bio energy healing helped with releasing the stress held in my body. I would highly recommend this treatment. Celine provided a safe environment, where she was warm, caring and respectful at all times. Celine is a true professional in her field." 

A Power

I had the joyful experience of meeting Celine on a wellness retreat in Italy where I was lucky enough to participate in her sunrise kundalini yoga classes on the beach each morning, and also receive a bio energy session on the beach. It was such an amazing experience! Celine instantly put me at ease and I was so comfortable in her presence that I was able to let go and fully immerse myself in the session. I felt like I released a lot of negative energy through the session and felt totally relaxed after. I followed up with 3 more sessions back in Dublin and each time I felt a deeper relaxation and floated home stress free! The physical sensations I was able to feel as the energy moved through my body reinforced in my mind the powerful forces at work. I had recently made a life changing decision prior to the bio energy treatments, which I was beginning to doubt, but through Celine’s coaching I was able to see that I had made the right decision and as a result I believed in myself more. I felt a sense of clarity and calmness and I let go of the fear and doubt I was holding onto. I highly recommend Celine as a therapist , she is such a caring, intuitive, gentle and loving soul and I’m so glad she chose this path to share her talents with us all! I look forward to many more classes and sessions in the near future ❤️

A Murray

"Celine has a special, gentle compassionate personality and really cares about her client" 

R Kelly

"Celine's natural warmth and compassion to help and understand my condition has touched me deeply and she has inspired me to be kinder to myself and listen to my body more"  

L Bryne

Celine has a beautiful presence and shines a bright light of healing and love wherever she goes. I completed a course of 5 bio-healing sessions with Celine. I could feel the release as the tension left my body during the healing and I felt an overwhelming sense of calm, clarity and perspective in its place. The therapy was very powerful and profoundly healing.

J Flaherty

I have had the most amazing experience while attending Minding Me retreats and Kundalini yoga with Celine this year. Celine is incredibly skilled at providing a safe space to explore, reflect and envision a positive future through Kundalini yoga, meditation and life coaching. To say my life has been transformed by attending the retreats and Kudalini yoga classes is an understatement. I am forever grateful to you Celine. 

E Smith